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What is a business SIM?

Everyone has a mobile phone, it’s part of everyday life for most of the UK. Many people also have a personal phone and a work phone, it’s a vital part of business and general life. Many businesses choose to provide their employees with a work phone, many of these businesses rely on quick and unlimited communication with clients and each other. It’s important to have an affordable sim contract that offers the best features.

What is a business SIM card?

A business SIM is a SIM card that is linked to a business accountant. The difference between a regular consumer SIM and a business SIM is that the consumer is provided by a network for individual mobiles. These SIM cards have set texts, calls and data allowances loaded onto them.

However, business SIMs are linked to business accounts and often have shared plans or packages. Business SIMs are also provided by business mobile providers (like Ultrasim), rather than consumer networks such as O2, EE or Vodafone.

The main differences between a business SIM and a consumer SIM?

The difference between business SIMs and consumer SIMs are fairly large when you think about it. But not all businesses even know that business SIMs even exist! A business can save a huge amount of money by investing in a business SIM. Below are some of the main differences between business SIMs and consumer SIMs:

  1. Shared Plans – Many business accounts have a shared data plan, meaning their mobile data, texts, and calls are all shared. This is often useful for a business because they can share a large pool of data, texts and calls so a single user doesn’t have to worry about running out of data. This allows the business to keep track of the total usage of data rather than each individual making it easier to save money and admin.
  2. Customisable tariff – Business tariffs are much more customisable than consumer SIMs, there are often set tariffs for regular people. Business SIMs are much more flexible because businesses vary so much in size and budget.
  3. Easy Admin – A business might have hundreds of mobile phones, this can be a nightmare to keep track of. Imagine keeping track of 100 separate mobile phone contracts. Accounting will have to expend all of this individually. Having one provider to supply SIMs for all the mobile phones makes it easy to run, and keep track of costs and data usage.
  4. Easy to upgrade – As a business grows and a business hires more employees they need to scale up. We all know how hard it is to upgrade a mobile plan, imagine doing this for all of the business’s mobile phones individually. But if you have a shared plan, it’s just a case of adding another SIM card to the business and maybe upgrading the plan slightly if needed.
business SIM

What are the benefits of a business SIM?

There are tonnes of benefits of having a business SIM card.

Save money

By having a shared mobile SIM plan you can save money on mobile plans, save pains in administration and save money when it comes to upgrading as you’ll likely get a better deal compared to a regular consumer plan. If you choose to get a business SIM with Ultrasim, we can get you the best deal for everything your business needs.

Shared Plan

As mentioned before, having a shared plan can help with keeping track of business usage. Keeping track of usage will save the business money and prevent that shock when the bill comes in at the end of the month. With a shared plan you can still keep track of individual users so if you need to upgrade the plan or chat with an individual using more, you can.

With more and more businesses starting to work from home or remotely since COVID-19 and before it’s more important than ever to get a good deal on mobile SIMs and get the best features available. Get in touch with Ultrasim today to get the best deals possible.